• Eco Wash
  • Sustainable Production

    In the modern day the interests of business and consumers are finally beginning to align around the need for products and services that deliver more value with fewer natural resources.

    Are Textile envisions a sustainable future which is only possible by investing in green processes today. The Are team takes pride in championing processes that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

    Eco-Wash by Nano Bubble Technology

    By the means of ??Nano Bubble Technology??, which gets the air from the atmosphere and transforms it into nanobubbles we can create resin applications, bleaching, water repellency, softening, enzyme.

    By this method savings up to

    -%95 water
    -%50 chemicals
    -%80 energy

    How to Sustain Eco-Wash

    By reducing the temperatures , required energy and co2 emissions
    By using chemicals with lower environmental impact
    Reduction of Washing and Drying Process
    Recycling of Steam / Water
    Create washed look over denim by laser
    Create bleached look by wet ozone process
    Using eco-sustainable chemicals
    Using less water by nano-bubble technology

    Eco-Wash Chemicals

    -No Heavy metals
    -No Formaldehyde
    -No Hipo clorit
    -No Permanganate
    -No Halogen-derivatives
    -No Pumice Stones (because of the muds its generates, high transport costs, the environmental impact and tear of machinery)
    -To Produce that are highly bio-degrable
    -To Products with low toxicity

    We would like to apply Eco-Wash to your products,too.

    Each washed item would have an İD and with this İD everyone who is integrated to this system all over the world can see it.

    Lets design this garment cards which display qualified washing for your brand.

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